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sysTame's™ internet services are designed to provide you with the latest web technologies through a fast, secure, reliable network. Our expert support will help you get your website or colocated server up and running quickly -- and keep it running.

Web Hosting
Our hosting plans are competitively priced; you can find cheaper plans, but we think you'll have a hard time matching our mix of speed, reliability, and support anywhere else.

Other hosting services don't give you their lowest rate unless you pay 1 or more years in advance. All our plans feature flat payments regardless of term.

Our primary platform is the state-of-the-art Macintosh Xserve® running Mac OS 10.4 Tiger server, a stable, secure UNIX operating system. See the Intel Quad-Core Xeon Xserve Performance page for comparison to other high-end servers.

Looking for colocation?
House your Xserve, Linux, Windows, or Sun server in our secure facility. We have reasonably-priced fixed transfer plans for every budget, as well as dedicated bandwidth plans. We sell and lease the Xserve® for colocation See the colocation plans for more info.

sysTame's data center is temperature-controlled with onsite backup electrical generation and is manned 24/7/365. An OC-48 backbone internet connection is provided by 3 carriers, to ensure your site or server is always available.