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sysTame web hosting
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sysTame datacenter Orlando, FL
Apple Intel
Quad-Core Xserve.

Available now for leasing, purchase.
mac mini intel core duo
sysTame datacenter Orlando, FL
Mac Mini colocation,
Dedicated Mac Mini.
A cheap way to explore colo.
Dedicated Minis starting @ $120/mo.

Add OS 10 Server for $50 more.
G5 tower
mac g5 tower
We have several 1.6 GHz G5 towers available at $200/month with 50GB transfer. Add your own external drive free.
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colocation datacenter
sysTame datacenter Orlando, FL
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xserve colocation
Apple's Intel
Quad-Core Xserves
server colocation
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Co-locate your Macintosh, Windows,
Linux, Sun server

Many businesses and individuals needing a dedicated internet server come to the conclusion that the cost, infrastructure, and technical support required to host a reliable machine on-site just isn't worth it.

If you've done the analysis and come to the same conclusion, you'll find sysTame's solutions in this area to be reliable, cost-effective, and secure.

xserve colocation Orlando, FL Quality bandwidth from redundant providers in a state-of-the-art
data center
dedicated xserve leasing High-quality network switches/routers from Cisco, Foundry
server colocation Bandwidth burstable to 100Mbps co-location Orlando, FL Private IP subnet,
6 IPs minimum
dedicated serves Free physical access 24/7/365 (with minimum 1-hour notice) xserve leasing Month-to-month contracts (excluding leased servers)
server leasing Free setup dedicated servers Free reboots

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Fixed Transfer   Dedicated Bandwidth   Tower Pricing
Dedicated Xserve Leasing   Dedicated Mac Mini Leasing   
Mac Mini Colocation   Managed Services   Extras

These plans include a fixed amount of data transfer in gigabytes per month. See our dedicated bandwidth plans below if you require more than 100 GB.

in gigabytes
Price per month

1U is one rack unit, and equals 1.75".
Additional U's are $30/month each.

Though only one plan is listed below, we can supply virtually any amount of bandwidth and rackspace you require. Contact us for a quote.

Price per month

*Pricing is based on 95% bandwidth usage calculations. 95% billing theoretically can yield 314.6 GB of data transfer per month per 1Mbit of bandwidth, but in practice yields approximately 200 GB of data transfer .

Locked cabinet tower pricing

G5 tower colocation
Tower computers in our locked cabinets are priced according to the number of rack units (U's) they occupy in the cabinet.

Depending on the length of your tower you may have extra space behind it to put other devices, like external USB-2/Firewire hard disks. Additional U's are $30/month each.

Tower height in inches
Total U's needed
15" - 17"
18" - 21"

Use the chart above to match your tower height to the total U's needed. Then pick a Fixed Transfer or Dedicated Bandwidth plan and subtract 1U from your tower requirements.

For example: A Mac Pro tower measures 20", taking 6 U's total, subtract 1U to get the extra U's required, 5:
Mac Pro Tower pricing example
50 GB Fixed Transfer plan
plus 5 extra U's @ $30/U
Total  G5 tower/month

    Intel Quad-Core Xeon Versions
Apple Dedicated Intel Quad-Core Xeon Xserve Lease Pricing
Intel Quad-Core Xeon Xserve
Transfer in Gigabytes
Price per month
Dual 2.0 GHz Processors
Dual 2.66 GHz Processors

The new dual-processor, dual-core Intel Xeon Xserves are the fastest Macs ever made, and are comparable to top-of-the-line PC servers. Each system is configured with a minimum of 1GB DDR Ram, 2 80GB serial ATA hard drives, and PCI video. For complete system details see the Apple Intel Quad-Core Xeon Xserve specifications.

A one-year initial contract is required for leased Xserves.

• Free Mac OS 10 Server security and system updates
   (worth $500 for each major upgrade)
• No equipment insurance necessary
• Premium bandwidth burstable to 100Mbit
• We own it -- we fix it, if hardware problems arise

Dedicated Mac Mini Leasing

dedicated server, xserve leasing

Apple Dedicated Mac Mini Lease Pricing    
  Intel Core Duo Versions
Mac Mini Model
Transfer in Gigabytes
Price per month
1.66Ghz Intel Core Duo, dual-core/
512MB RAM/
60GB hard drive
1.83Ghz Intel Core Duo, dual-core/
1024MB RAM/
80GB hard drive

The Mac Mini is the perfect way to get started with Mac colo. Ideal for web hosting, email, QuickTime streaming, and other services.

The new Intel Core chip models are significantly faster than the previous Minis which used the G4 chip -- as much as 4X faster (see the Apple Mac Mini specifications).

The new Minis are competitive in processor speed with G5 Xserves, but they lack the multiple drive configuration, server-grade drives, management features, and RAM capacity of the Xserves -- for the best performance, and greatest reliability for high-traffic web hosting or streaming we recommend the Mac Xserve.

  Add Mac OS 10 Server for an additional $50/month.

6-month initial contract is required for the dedicated Mac Mini, with
month-to-month payments thereafter.

• Free Mac OS 10 security and system updates
• We own it -- we fix it, if hardware problems arise
• Premium bandwidth burstable to 100Mbit
• No equipment insurance necessary

mini colocation

in gigabytes
Price per month
mac mini colo
* 200

* 1 Mbit dedicated bandwidth

Add an external hard drive for an extra $15/month.

When comparing Mac Mini Colo companies, please note the following features included with all sysTame colo plans (excluding leasing):
• Connection to a full-duplex 100Mbit switch port
• No long-term commitment -- month-to-month contract
Private IP subnet with minimum of 6 usable IP addresses
• No setup fee

Managed Services Pricing
Price per month

Basic plan includes Web, mail, file services, and user management. System and security updates. Application updates: apache, openssl, php, sendmail/postfix.

For other than Basic managed services, contact us with your detailed requirements for a quote.

Product Setup fee Price
Extra IP addresses
     (each, per month)
Firewall services
      (per month)
Remote hands support
     (per hour, billed in 30 min. increments)
Backup Options
xraid backup
Onsite to Xserve RAID
(per GB, per month)
Veritas client, offsite backup.
Includes: 20GB of storage, each additional 10GB is $60; 3 restores per month, each additional restore is $50. Backed up weekly with differentials every other day. Rotated offsite weekly. (Price is per month, per machine)
$30 $100
dedicated servers
LaCie External USB/FW drive
We highly recommend this option in addition to any other backup option you choose. These drives have sufficient space to clone most boot drives, allowing you to be up and running immediately if your internal drive fails. One-time purchase price includes, installation, and initial script setup. See below for monthly charges.
LaCie Porsche 160GB
Firewire 400 or USB 2.0
LaCie D2 160GB SATA   $225
Monthly drive colo fee $15
xserve co-location
Rsync scripting
You can do offsite backup of data to your home or office using your own bandwidth with rsync. If you need help, we'll write the scripts for you.

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syTame's server colocation data center is located in central Florida, in the Orlando, FL area.