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At sysTame we haven't entered the race-to-the-bottom for
how-low-can-you-go web hosting. Generally something suffers with this approach -- namely service.

Nor are we the giant mega-host that charges premium prices but has hundreds of semi-trained tech support 'specialists.'

Instead, our intent is to provide quality service at reasonable prices. We run the latest web software on state-of-the-art Mac Xserve servers, connected to a quality network infrastructure. And we have knowledgeable support staff.

Developer Friendly
Being developers ourselves, we understand the needs of developers. If you need a perl or php module installed, or require a java class, we'll do our best to install it in a timely manner. Or, if there's a new server-side technology we don't offer but you'd like to see here, we'll be glad to research it and install it if it meets our standards.

 Budget, $12/month compare plans & features
Good for personal home pages and simple business sites with low bandwidth. Perl, php scripting, and 3 email accounts included.

 Basic, $20/month compare plans & features
This plan will suit most businesses and individuals. With plenty of disk space, access to Perl and php scripting, MySQL or PostgreSQL database, and remote database administration with phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin, your site will be well-equipped for most tasks.

 Plus, $30/month compare plans & features
Great for dynamic HTML database-driven sites, with access to two industrial-strength open source databases: PostgreSQL and MySQL. For Java developers we provide J2SE, Java Server Pages (jsp), and servlets.

 eCommerce, $50/month compare plans & features
If you need an internet storefront this is the plan. In addition to everything in the Plus plan you get WebObjects hosting with WebObjects 5.2 and access to the OSCommerce shopping cart software, more disk space and email accounts.

 Custom compare plans & features
If the plans above don't meet your needs please contact us. Extra bandwidth, disc space, dedicated RAM for Java/WebObjects VM, custom configuration/installation of software, custom programming and development of forms/web applications are some of the options we can include in Custom plans.

hosting payment plans

All our payment plans are fixed-rate regardless of term -- you get the same low rate whether paying quarterly or annually. The following payment plans are available:

  • Pay-by-check: paid yearly
  • Credit/Debit Card: paid quarterly

diskspace in MB
  100 250 500   1000
bandwidth in GB per month   5 10 15   20
POP email accounts   3 10   20   30
FREE domain registration/renewal      
perl, mod_perl   perl mod_perl    
php   php 5    
Server Side Includes      
ssh remote shell access
Usermin remote email, db admin
raw logfile access logfile
SSL secure server  
database (PostgreSQL or MySQL)   1 2 3
phpMyAdmin, pgpPgAdmin db admin   postgresql mysql phpPgAdmin phpMyAdmin
Java 1.4.2 J2SE, JSP, Servlets       java   java 1.4.2
OSCommerce, Zencart shopping carts       OSCommerce
WebObjects 5.2 support             WebObjects hosting
NO setup fee $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
price per month $12.00 $20.00 $30.00 $50.00
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