You're a consultant, web developer, or designer who'd like to re-sell hosting and internet services
If your client base has matured to the point where you have enough clients to support it, you can expand your revenue stream by making a profit reselling web services on your own server. Talk to us -- we'll help you determine if this is a good choice for your business.

You require large amounts of bandwidth for
audio/video streaming

You want to provide streaming audio and video at the best possible speeds.

Or, your current streaming service has become expensive because your bandwidth usage is high. This is an ideal use of a dedicated server as providing multimedia content is resource intensive.

You're thinking of outsourcing your current
in-house server

If your company has outgrown your current on-site mail/web/ftp server, or you need complete reliability that isn't available or feasible on-site (like multiple high-speed internet connections; backup electrical generators; climate-controlled server rooms) one of our colocation, leasing, or managed server plans will take the load off.

visit our colocation page for more info, or contact us with any questions